VEM Metal Applications

Our company won 100,5 Million HUF financial support  for Technological Improvement via the ’Széchenyi Terv Plusz’ tender.

Multiple investments and asset purchases happened/or are in progress this year. The biggest achievement is in the field of sustainability – we installed 150 pcs Trina Solar Vertex 400 Wp mono type solar panels with a SAJ Suntrio Plus 50K inverter.

We increased our capacity and efficiency by purchasing the below machines:

  • 1 pc DOOSAN Lynx 2100 LMB  CNC Turning machine
  • 2 pcs DOOSAN VC510 Vertical workingcenters
  • 1 pc CATERPILLAR GP25N  2,5 ton forklift

Besides machine purchases we hired a company to make a training, personality and skills improving program for us. Last but not least our colleagues are going to take part in a 24 hour long IT training before the end of this year.

The planned deadline of the implementation of the project is 30th April 2024.